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Dear RAG Members,

After a period of five years a decision has been taken to close the Web page for the Rayleigh Action Group.

It has been my privilege to head up this group for so long. The decision hasn’t been an easy one but the on-going time commitment and costs have led me to conclude the time is right to close the formal group. Unfortunately legal decisions taken by the EU have made it too onerous to continue to run such pages with the liability on the administrator.

We had an brief opportunity to change to complexion of the make-up of the District Council, in May, this year. The object of the Rayleigh Action Group was to get a cross-party group including Independent’s, Green’s, Libdem’s, Rochford Resident’s and Friends of Rochford as well as Conservatives members. This would have led to more accountability to the public they serve instead of the small ‘cartel’ of 8 Conservative Cabinet members that chose to ignore the public protests in the past. The public made the democratic decision to vote for more of the same so it appears the majority are happy with the status quo. We have to respect that decision.

We were formed after an initial meeting held on the 18th July 2013, called by Patricia Putt and myself, to fight for the protection of our very unique town. We had a simple purpose; to limit the mass building programme that had been adopted at the time of the Rochford District Councils Core Strategy in 2010. We achieved, in just six weeks, to collate 5600 objections to the RDC schemes. Despite proving in the High Court that the RDC failed to consult the general public on the ‘environmental impact’ of the proposed plans Mr Justice Keith Lindblom found that they had gone ‘too far’ in the process to order the quashing of the Core Strategy. We were left fighting a rear-guard action to limit the damage which the mass developments will produce. The actions of the RDC in forcing, in secret meetings, the passage of the plans for 500 houses on London Road Rayleigh, remains deeply worrying.

Some positives came out of our campaign. The Government Inspector refused the RDC permission to develop an industrial complex, similar to Brook Road, on the area south of London Road that would had the prospect of having the possibility of having a Traveller Site incorporated within its’ curtilage. An Industrial site in that location would make the old Doomsday entrance to Rayleigh just horrendous. Our campaign also protected the site of the Rayleigh Town Sports and Social Club that was destined to be sold off by RDC, the public custodians, for housing.

I will briefly remind our members that one consultation exercise aimed at 33,000 residents of Rayleigh resulted in just 195 responses. 194 rejected the proposals and 1 person agreed with them. This was evidence given to the High Court by RDC. Their plan proceeded. RDC spent in excess of £3 million pounds on the whole Core Strategy consultation exercise of which this one fact indicates was a complete waste of precious tax payers funds during a time of extreme cuts to the public services. The paper exercise just provided jobs and expenses for fellow travellers in the ‘community’ that is the planning ‘circus’.

The cost of taking the High Court action was met by my personal funds. The total legal cost due to my solicitor and barrister was in excess of £74,000. This excluded my own personal office expenses and travel etc. which were somewhat onerous. I received £11,000 from RDC as part of a ‘wasted cost’ order because of the time wasting, by RDC and their legal team, as directed by Mr. Justice Lindblom. In additional a public appeal raised £10,600 to help with my costs. I wish to put on record my gratitude to those who contributed to this fund and helped to defray some of my costs. We were helped with printing, posters, the accumulation of information, by trekking the streets delivering our literature, canvassing the general public and in may more ways to numerous to mention.

We have 9700 Facebook members and the intention is to leave this group intact, just suspended, in case it is needed to hold the council to account in the future. A follow-up to the consultation regarding a possible 7500 more homes that was signed by 947 members will be posted on FB when RDC make their decision.

I wish to thank Richard Lambourne for taking the reins of the group whilst I was seriously ill. I hope he finally succeeds in getting elected as an Independent Councillor some time soon. Finally, thanks also to James Newport for the invaluable assistance he has offered me in the field of information technology. He is a great loss to the District Council and I trust he to will consider standing again at some future date.

Thank you again for all those that offered support. I wish you all well.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Kendall

Legal challenge

We are receiving many queries regarding the outcome of the legal challenge to the Rochford District plans which will lead to the building on the ‘greenbelt’ farmland between London Road and Rawreth Lane. A decision was expected imminently but we now understand we must wait until mid-December before any Judgement will be handed down by the High Court. As soon as it is available our supporters will be advised immediately.

Meanwhile please accept our thanks for the continuing support for our fund-raising appeal towards the massive £50,000 legal bill faced by our Chairman Linda Kendall. Thanks also to those permitting the siting of our current posters on their properties and the businesses helping us in this exercise. They are very effectively spreading our message to everyone that passes through our district.

RAYLEIGH, RAWRETH AND HULLBRIDGE RESIDENTS DO NOT WANT THE HUGE HOUSING ESTATES (CURRENT FIGURE is 1379 HOUSES), INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AND 22 PITCH (will accommodate 44 CARAVANS) TRAVELLERS SITE ON THE GREENBELT ENTRANCE TO OUR TOWN. We will not have our homes devalued by these flawed proposals. We refuse to be grid-locked on our roads and for many to be subject to fear every time it rains in case flooding occurs. We are the people of this district and demand we are listened to by the organisation that takes our Council Tax to provide us with a SERVICE. We employ these people they are not our masters!! See our 38 degree petition asking David Cameron to intervene. Every local Parish Council, Rayleigh Town Council, over 10,000 people and now (belatedly due to an impending election we suspect) our MP are joining the chorus started by Eric Pickles MP, Minister for Communities and Local Government, in demanding the protection of our greenbelt. Rochford District Councillors must listen.


We currently have a poster campaign to try to keep everyone aware that the Rayleigh Action Group is continuing the fight to protect our neighbourhoods from total urbanisation.

Many thanks to those hosting and fixing the posters and to the very few who have helped in this process. We must thank Gordon Toal for his time and Stevie Turner for siting some of our posters for us. Especial thanks goes to the Annwood Estates team of Jan, Mick and Rob who provided the materials, paid for the prints and labour. Thanks to James for his work and help producing the artwork.

The main object of this campaign is to encourage our residents to object to the first OUTLINE PLANNING PROPOSAL 14/00627/OUT put forward by Countryside Properties for 500 houses off London Road and Rawreth Lane.

Whilst we await Mr Justice Lindbloms decision in the High Court.

We are awaiting Mr Justice Keith Lindblom’s decision on the case against Rochford District Council regarding the alleged failure to truly consult with the residents of Rayleigh, Rawreth and Hullbridge. The case was heard, and concluded on the 3rd October 2014, at the High Court of Justice over an extended period due to RDC’s legal teams personal difficulties and due to the production of a substantial volume of further evidence on the perceived final day of the hearing in June this year. The case concerns the huge programme of developments that RDC have chosen to blight our part of the district with over the next ten years. Those familiar with the details are aware of the inequitable balance of development this particular part of Rochford District is to be subject. Many other areas are virtually untouched by the schemes put forward by RDC Officers and Councillors who appear to have scant connection with our part of the district. Currently the first of these developments on our precious GREENBELT, for 500 houses (read a thousand cars, no upgrade in main drainage or roads), has been presented to RDC in the form of an OUTLINE PLANNING PROPOSAL from Countryside Properties on land off London Road and Rawreth Lane. Countryside Properties have presented this proposal as a company in control of land allegedly owned by three landowners named on the application a Mr. Cottis , a Mr. Levy and the Roman Catholic Doicese Of Brentwood. We would urge every resident across the district to consider objecting to this proposal (every adult member of a family is eligible so multiple objection from each household is possible). The Application can be accessed on RDC website under the Planning Application no. 14/00627/OUT. MAKE SURE YOU DEFAULT FROM THEIR PRE_SET COMMENT OPTION AND GO TO OBJECT TO ENSURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD. It is not too late.

Linda Kendall Objection Letter

Linda Kendall Planning Objection

Objection to the outline planning permission application

Objection to Outline Planning Application

5th August 2014 – High Court

Court 1 Mr Justice Lindblom
Royal Courts of Justice
The Strand

Case is

Linda Kendall v Rochford District Council and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. (AKA Eric Pickles MP)

Time is from 10am all day. The court is open so people can come and go as they wish.

Liverpool Street then the Circle line to Temple OR Stratford then the Central Line to Chancery Lane

BBC Look East – Rayleigh Flooding July 2014

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Linda Kendall on BBC Radio Essex with James Whale

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