What is Rayleigh Action Group?

Rayleigh Action Group has been formed to try to STOP the local council (Rochford District Council) building on our greenbelt land in Rayleigh!

What are we fighting?

  • 1380 House on GreenBelt Land
  • 15-22 Pitch Traveller Site located in West Rayleigh
  • New Industrial Site

With these developments we can expect

  • 10 years of disruption and noise
  • More traffic congestion
  • An increase in crime
  • Longer waiting times at doctors & dentists
  • Overcrowding on busy commuter trains

Who are we?

The Rayleigh Action Group consists of committed, like-minded Rayleigh residents that are passionate about fostering a Rayleigh development environment which is both fair and proportionate in the context of the entire Rochford District.  The group consists of individuals from highly skilled and diverse professional backgrounds such as Law, Change Management, Economics, Corporate Strategy and Global Programme Management.


  1. Daryl Hibberd says:

    Thank you for the meeting yesterday.

    After the meeting, and following on from my comments on the RAG Facebook page, I was asked to arrange something to co-inside with the Civic Dinner on Friday 28th.
    However I have just been offered/accepted a contract in Bradford for the next 3-4 weeks so I would be returning home until late on Fridays. I therefore think it would be inappropriate for me to arrange something which I can’t attend


  2. DAWN says:

    I attended your meeting last Sunday in the Mill Hall and was under the impression the consultation was open but I can’t find it on the Rochford District website – although I have signed up to be notified of new consultations – does anyone know when it will appear?

    • RAG RAG says:

      Unfortunately the ‘consultation ‘ period was over on the present document last January 2013. The main document the Core Strategy was agreed in 2011. We are currently trying to raise urgent funds to attempt a try for Judicial Review.

  3. Dawn says:

    Has anyone seen this story on BBC News, that mentions place for a school but not actually built after blunder by the planners at the Council – worth the Action Group checking this out.

  4. Alan Ball says:

    Unfortunately unable to attend last Mill Hall meeting so unaware of outcome re further action etc. Please advise if any action planned and whether volunteer assistance required. Keen to see this through.

  5. Ref: DEFRA induced Flooding.
    What is the Environment Agency (DEFRA) doing about top-soil run-off from Farmland (Victoria Road etc), that blocks drains and adds to the problem ?

  6. Deborah says:

    The horrific traffic that everyone is experiencing will only grit worse with all this planned housing by RDC. Where’s the infrastructure for all this?? Just ridiculous!! Where is it going to end? Rayleigh Action Group, you have our full support – thank you

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