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The March – postponed

The march has been postponed due to logistical reasons. The police require a number of key attributes to be in place prior to such an event which we will struggle to meet in time for the 7th Sept. The police have been really helpful and upfront regarding the planning of such an event and are willing to assist with resources as and when we can show conformance to key criteria.

To be clear, this is not a set back in any shape or form. More the icing on the cake so to speak. In only 3 weeks we gained over 15% of the population of Rayleigh in favour of rejecting these proposals. The inspectors meeting is still planned for the 10th Sept and we await a date by when the final decision is made.

The fight doesn’t stop here, keep the votes coming in, as we will extend to cover more of Rayleigh and into Wickford should we need to.


Find below the links to our reports in rejection of the councils proposals for

a) Residential housing, Recycle Plant, Industrial Estates

b) Large Mixed Traveller Site

RAG – In the Press

Rayleigh Action Group have been in the press recently (see below) and are attracting some attention in all the right places. With your continued support we hope to succeed.

Today we have submitted the official proposal rejecting the councils plans for housing, industrial estates, recycle plant and the large mixed travellers site. We now await the planning review on 10th Sept.

Petition numbers submitted were in excess of 5000 names. Considering we only canvased West Rayleigh, that’s a big number and constitutes over 15% of the population of Rayleigh in THREE WEEKS.

  • 99.9% of people were in objection to the plans
  • 93% of people on petition were unaware of these development plans prior to July 2013 (our 1st meeting)

(We have the data to back up these numbers, they are not finger in the air, made up for those at the RDC reading this. People were given the opportunity to vote accept / reject and aware / unaware)

Stay Tuned for info on the Planned March for 7th Sept. Hundreds of people (100% of those at the last meeting) signed up to joining the march along Rayleigh High street.

Let’s keep this momentum going people.

ps…we are thinking about printing off T-Shirts for the day of the March. Look on Facebook and Website for more info. Estimated price of £5 per shirt.




meeting 09-08-13

Public Meeting at The Mill in Rayleigh last night. Tremendous turn out with 600 people attending the 1st session and 400 people attending the 2nd session.

Once again a BIG THANKS to all of you who turned up, I hope you found the presentation informative with the right level of information included. We would like to have shown more detail but need to keep our core strategy for the inspectors report, which we are compiling over the next few days.

We raised in excess of £700 last night. This is from both those attending and others sending cheques who unfortunately couldn’t, so once again, thanks, it’s greatly appreciated and enables us to book venues like last night to communicate with the residents.

Although the printing to-date has been done for us by a kind printers, and volunteers, it’s not sustainable, so funding will help support that.

Please continue to sign our petition (petition page) and ensure ALL members over 18 sign in your household. Numbers are climbing rapidly and those who supposedly represent us should be very worried come re-election unless they re-table these proposals for you.

We were also on the BBC National news yesterday, so our group is rapidly gaining interest in the wider media.

The presentation from last night is posted under the meetings section. (click here)

100% of those in attendance said they would join the march on Sat 7th starting around Swallows and ending at top of high street. We should have 700 – 800 people present.

Stay tuned for more details

Meeting 09-08-13

Meeting 09-08-13

Communication 04-08-13

Our response to the RDC Flyer – Date 4th August 2013

Communication 04-08-13

Communication RDC – 03-08-13

RDC ‘In Touch with the People’

Date: 3rd Aug 2013


Treat the RDC letter with a pinch of salt, it’s political spin doctor speech. As I’m sure you all know, these people are unable of telling you the complete picture, just enough to stay legal.

Example:-  15 Traveller Plots is correct…BUT no mention that these are DOUBLE plots, so the number is actually 30. Then we read that this only applies to the ‘Fixed’ allocation. There are more plots assigned to ‘non fixed’ plots.  Thus the total rises to somewhere in the region of 66 plots (TBC)

The RDC tries to be clever and put your mind at rest, when even now they can’t be completely open and transparent with us all.

RDC Flyer 1