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  1. L Owen says:

    I understand that the said development planned around the concentrated area of London Road and Rawreth Lane Rayleigh will be built on land originally owned by the post office and then later sold on to the Cottis family.
    Whilst this on its own appears to be transparent. The fact that Mr Cottis’s GRANDSON ‘James Cottis’ is a Councillor for Rochord District Council and by his own admission counts local planning as one of his forte suggests that this planning application is less transparent than originally considered.
    Would the Post Office, or any other land owner for that matter sell off a piece of land so readily, if they suspected a turn around on development policy at a later date?
    Would the general public have had the same planning permission granted as Mr James Cottis’s GRANDFATHER?
    Has this planning been approved solely for the apparent good and benefit of the local community?
    Perhaps Rochford District Council would kindly inform the general public of the money transaction that took place between the Post Office and the Cottis family and the expected profit margin the Cottis family will make once the development transaction takes place?
    Sincere regards to James Cottis,the landowners Grandson and his career to date at Rochford District Council.

    • L Owen says:

      I hope the above information can be put to good use.

    • RAG RAG says:

      Can we ask where you obtained your information as it does not agree with ours? Do you have land Registry documents to support this? Do you know anything about the Rayleigh Town Sports and Social Club.

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