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Communication RDC – 03-08-13

RDC ‘In Touch with the People’

Date: 3rd Aug 2013


Treat the RDC letter with a pinch of salt, it’s political spin doctor speech. As I’m sure you all know, these people are unable of telling you the complete picture, just enough to stay legal.

Example:-  15 Traveller Plots is correct…BUT no mention that these are DOUBLE plots, so the number is actually 30. Then we read that this only applies to the ‘Fixed’ allocation. There are more plots assigned to ‘non fixed’ plots.  Thus the total rises to somewhere in the region of 66 plots (TBC)

The RDC tries to be clever and put your mind at rest, when even now they can’t be completely open and transparent with us all.

RDC Flyer 1

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